Crowdfunding to drive change and reward progress.

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How it Works

Create a bounty to achieve a goal for your community.

Increase support through family, friends, and social media.

Pay the bounty when the goal has been achieved.

Start a Bounty

About weBounty

  • What is weBounty?

    An online community for starting, exploring, and supporting crowdfunded bounties. weBounty users create bounties to achieve goals, drive change, and reward progress.

  • What is a bounty?

    A bounty is a way of rewarding the accomplishment of a specific goal. When crowdfunded by the community, bounties create more incentive for action.

  • What can I create a bounty for?

    You can use a bounty to inspire others to make a change. Encourage your family to eat healthier, motivate your neighborhood to clean up the park, or even have a law changed by your representatives in office.

  • Who receives the reward for a bounty?

    As the bounty creator, you decide! The reward can go to the person who completes the bounty, or a person or organization you care about.

  • How do I get started?

    You can start a bounty immediately!
    In order to pledge to bounties, you’ll need to create an account. so people know who you are!

Start a Bounty