Cast ye vote!

Last week we left off by alluding to some ways in which weBounty is innovating...

One of those ways is by including evidence and voting features within the model.  This is important because when working within a retroactive reward framework, individuals will naturally want to see and validate the proposed solutions before any money is paid out.

The process:  Bounty Created > Attempts made at completion > Evidence of endeavors submitted > Voting on evidence > Reward paid out

Let's be blunt about this set of features...It's going to be one of the trickiest parts of the weBounty model.  Finding a way for users to easily upload content in both a desktop and mobile environment will be a technical and design hurdle to say the least.  But it's absolutely critical to the accountability of the platform and a part that we will be fine tuning for a long time to come.

Posted by: 5 years, 2 months ago
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