Twitter Traction = Twiction

With our first bounty involving individuals not previously associated with weBounty now completed, we thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect and share a little bit about how it came to be and how it panned out.

It started with some lovely teachers who found us on Twitter. One of them, who goes by @sumrthyme and manages this awesome Donors Choose page, reached out about using the weBounty platform.  We went back and forth via email over the course of the day and in the evening posted up a bounty for resharing a message about the donation page.  The message was a pinned tweet and to be honest, we didn't really know what to expect, a few retweets and favorites maybe?  In discussion of the bounty's condition, we had offered a range for # of retweets.  Our suggestion: 20-50.  The reply: 50.  Okay, this was going to be ambitious!

Stats will hopefully be the clearest way to paint the picture of before and after:

Prior to bounty:
After bounty:

and it's still going!  This was pretty awesome and an unexpected success.  The numbers above don't even take into account the tweets about the bounty, on our account and K-Rocks, both of which received numerous retweets and favorites.

This was a ton of action and exposure, for Donors Choose projects, the teachers supporting them, and weBounty.

And the cost?  Just a $10 donation to a Donors Choose project!

This bounty was pretty rudimentary, which makes sense, because the platform is barely up and running.  But already there is a lot that can be done with just these basics.  We're excited to see what people start to come up with!

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