Frequently Asked Questions


What is a bounty?

A sum of money and a public notice indicating the conditions for its reward.

What is weBounty?

An online space for exploring, creating and supporting bounties.

What is the purpose of weBounty?

To provide an accountable method of creating, supporting, and completing bounties in an online public space.

What can I do on weBounty?

  • Explore bounties
  • Support a bounty
  • Create a bounty
  • Complete a bounty

How do I find a bounty?

Navigate to the top of the browser and click Explore Bounties.

How do I support a bounty?

On the bounty landing page you can enter an amount and click the 'Pledge Now' button.

How do I create a bounty?

Click Create Bounty!


How do I complete a bounty?

This will depend on the bounty.  Conditions can be found on each bounty's landing page.


Why can I only create an account using Facebook or LinkedIn?

In order to achieve a high level of transparency and accountability, weBounty accounts are created using social networks that require users to use their real name.


I created my account in beta with my e-mail, what should I do?

Login on our e-mail sign in page, and connect a social network to use in the future.


What are some examples of bounties?

  • Motivate a friend or significant other to quit smoking.
  • Establish incentive to invent a new technology.
  • Create a contest around any subject.
  • Be an activist and push a company to make a desired change.

Payments & Fees

What is the minimum amount of money required to pledge to or create a bounty?

Both supporting and the creation of a bounty require a minimum pledge of $1.  
However, charges to users must be at least $10.  For example, if a user pledges more than the current number of credits in his or her account, that user will be charged at least $10 to cover the difference.  Any remaining credits will be deposited in the user's account.
This is necessary for weBounty to able to absorb the transaction fees when users make pledges.

How can I pay for my pledge or bounty?

Payments can be made with any of the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Does weBounty charge a fee?

Yes, please see our fees page here.

How do I withdraw money?

Navigate to the account overview page and click the link: "Withdraw your available credits." This link will only be visible if you have credits that can be withdrawn.