Payments & Fees

All credit card charges and saved customers are handled via Stripe.  Within the weBounty economy, there are no charges for transactions.

Spending Money

Fees normally charged by Stripe for payments are absorbed by weBounty, Inc.  A user can start a bounty or pledge to an existing one without incurring any fees.

Earning Money

There are no associated fees for completed or expired bounties.  When successful, the reward in its entirety is transferred to the weBounty account of the listed recipient.  If a bounty expires before completion, all funds are returned back to the weBounty accounts of the pledgers.


weBounty, Inc. charges a 6% fee on all withdrawals from your account. PayPal applies an additional fee of 2.9% + 30ยข, while checks are a $2.00 fee to send in the US. If a reward must be paid out off-platform (eg. directly to a charity's donation page), the fee applied by weBounty, Inc. is 10%.

Contact for help with withdrawals, or if you'd like to request additional withdrawal methods.


weBounty, Inc. does not store sensitive credit card information.  Only in the case the card is saved by the user will weBounty store enough information to identify the card back to the user and Stripe.